Wednesday, February 10, 2010


SJ Tucker, Alexander James Adams, and Betsy Tinney together create Tricky Pixie! You've heard them on Wheel of Wonder, and some other KAOS shows as well. This terrific trio will be in town performing at a benefit concert to raise money for the grassroots nonprofit movement to protect and secure free public access to Olympia's artesian well water forever! Tickets are available now at for $10!

Any of you familiar with the Fourth Avenue artesian wellhead? The place in that parking lot where the clean, naturally occurring, drinkable water comes to the surface. It's a great free source of potable water available to anyone in Olympia (one of the sources for the "...It's the Water" slogan of Olympia Beer).
On warm summer days people will gather at this water source. It comes out of a pipe in the ground between the performance venue Manium and the Olympic Outfitters, a bike, and sports gear store. People from all walks of life talk to each other there. Some folks will bring their guitars and harmonicas and play music, everyone gathering to collect free, natural water for drinking.

Surveys conducted show that about 1000 people a week visit that well to collect fresh water for drinking, but the wellhead is located on private property and the owners of the parking lot can cap off the well with little notice anytime they want to. So could another investor they sell the property to. This has caused great concern throughout the community. So steps in a nonprofit organization interested in protecting free public artesian well water access in the City of Olympia through outreach, education and grassroots advocacy. It's even been suggested they buy the water rights to protect it.

These actions take money though so Earthbound Productions and the Olympia Green Theater are working with Tricky Pixie and well-loved local artist Danny Kelly (formerly with Heliotroupe) to put on a benefit concert to raise money for FREE, OPEN, PUBLIC ACCESS, ALWAYS to clean, naturally occurring water.

The "Rock on Water!" benefit concert will occur on March 19, 2010 at The Loft on Cherry at 508 legion street in Olympia, WA. Doors open at 6:30pm; concert is at 7:00pm. Come see a great show and support the natural human right for clean, drinkable water in OlyWa!

You can also give a tax deductible donation to make this an even more successful event! Send your tax deductible donations to Earthbound Productions (the people who bring you The Procession of the Species) and be sure to specify that it is for the Artesian Well Advocacy Benefit Concert! Pre-sale tickets available now for "Rock on Water!"at cost $10 in advance $15 at the door on the night of the event. Tickets are also available locally at Traditions Cafe and World Folk Art as well as Rainy Day Records.

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  1. This is awesome! There are few events that will actually get me out of my routine and doing something unique, this will be one of them. An opportunity see and hear world class musicians and support a cause at the heart of grassroots community sustainability.

    Thank you, Ray for working so hard to bring this about.