Friday, February 5, 2010

Wheel of Wonder February 7, 2010

Indigenous belief and Celtic mythos, we'll be continuing in that vein this week on Wheel of Wonder. This week's Wheel of Wonder takes us to Australia to visit its earth spiritualist population. With so many wide open spaces in the land of Oz, as some affectionately call it, how could there not be some who experience all its wild spaces as a reflection of the divine? The Celtic tradition is strong there due to many years of immigration and settlement, and great Pagan and new age artists like Spiral Dance, Wendy Rule, and Louisa John-Krol come from Australia. We'll be running an interview with Adrienne Piggot and Spiral Dance on this week's show, and even including some of their tracks not yet played on Wheel of Wonder! I'll even take us on a journey through the concepts of the songlines and the sacred geography believed in by the Aboriginal Australian peoples, a still stalwart race, living on their ancestral lands. This journey will include new tracks by contemporary Aboriginal artists, who, like the Yorubans, have adapted some to using modern musical instruments and mediums to express the beliefs of their culture. "Wheel of Wonder Down Under" on this week's installation, come travel it with me!

The picture to the right and above is a photograph of the "Fairy Tree," a 300 years dead tree that has been turned into a great medium for art in the Fitzroy Gardens area of Melbourne, Australia.

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