Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wheel of Wonder June 13, 2010

After the unexpected interruption last week, I'll pick up right where I left off, finishing out the Water element and then moving right into our exploration of the element of air. Water health and Water spirituality, the deep thinking and deep emotion element. Water physically connects us all, from the ocean's perspective we are all living in one homeland, this must be why cultures throughout the world all have their traditions and mythologies of Sea and River Gods and Goddesses. From Salish lands to Celtic shores, the salmon fish is considered the carrier of Wisdom, and many past tribes have stories of meaning. Then where the Water meets the Air, we here the creative voice and songs of life are carried to us mouth to ear, across the wind and breath. This week we will also have new music from Bone Poets Orchestra and new news from the advocates of alternative energy. I will even share some of the research I've discovered about the maybe not so mythical land of Atlantis. tune in to Wheel of Wonder!
The painting to the right is a Dreamscape by Lori R Avramis, a self-taught artist. check out dreamscapes studio for more of her art!


  1. 外表往往與事實本身不符,世人卻容易被表面裝飾所欺騙了........................................

  2. you are so good at commenting regularly! but why always in chinese?