Friday, June 18, 2010

Wheel of Wonder June 20, 2010

And so the wheel turns..... It was one year ago this weekend that we heard the first 6am-9am broadcast of Wheel of Wonder. Many things have changed since that weekend last year, I've met wonderful new people, talented artists, and my own Journey has certainly been something to write about too! I have been honored to be recognized as a Bard among our local Bards. I'm not writing exhaustively about myself here though. Wheel of Wonder is about a philosophy of seeing the Earth as sacred, and truly worth protecting by living more sustainably. Its about finding that magic that is all around us, all the time, following our myriad paths to greater wisdom and balancing the natures within ourselves.
In modern lore, we walk the line between the feminine and masculine, the two of equal importance. Litha, The Summer Solstice, celebrates the power of the masculine polarity and the path of the feminine polarity as she changes like the seasons and moves from Maiden/ Lover to the Mother/Wise Woman, and the male polarity moves towards the Father/Sage. In this weeks Wheel of Wonder I'll try once again to bring you some interview footage from Fremont Solstice parade; a celebration of the change of seasons, and we'll speak more of the meaning and traditions behind the celebrations of the Sun and midsummer's eve throughout History and place. Wheel of Wonder the dawn before Litha, 2010!
This time, I'm afraid I do not know who created the picture to the right and above its called "Litha Pixies"


  1. Thanks again for the comments, but no matter how many different ways you post them(in Chinese) I won't understand to give you an appropriate response.

  2. Congratulations, Ray on the one year anniversary of Wheel Of Wonder, and on your continued journey as a Bard!

    With grace,

  3. Thank you Jane! I'lll give your regards to the Caer Pugetia Gorsedd at the Alban Hefin Gathering!