Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wheel of Wonder August 1 -15, 2010

Starting with Lughnasadh, Wheel of Wonder will have many, very talented guest hosts! We'll start on August 1st with a special Lughnasadh show, hosted by Breakfast special DJ with a love for Celtic Music Bridget. On the 8th, hear a new spin on Wheel of Wonder by Brettilicious. Then on the 15th of August we'll welcome back Aba, DJ of our Wheel of Wonder around the world episode, sharing some tales and philosophies, while including her own unique perspective on things. I'll be back on the 22nd with a new Wheel of Wonder show.

Now, a bit on Lughnasadh. Lughnasadh is the last harvest of Summer and the time of the year when the oak king of summer, the green man, the corn king, whichever name you know him by, symbolicaly dies to secure next year's harvest, when he'll be reborn as the new sun king, leaving the male polarity of nature for the dark part of the year in the strong, paternal hands of the Holly king. It is also the time of the year when the maiden aspect of the goddess moves into her aspect as the Mother. Lughnasadh begins a time of change, leading us into the time of harvesting and reflecting on the wisdom we've acquired through the experiences of the year. Happy Lughnasadh from Wheel of Wonder!
The Incredible picture to the Right is by Jessica Galbreth, see more of her work at this link.


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