Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wheel of Wonder July 18, 2010

This week on Wheel of Wonder, if you've been listening to Wheel of Wonder you'll notice we've travelled through the Elements: Air; Including a news article on Wind Power by Winona La Duke. Water; including Selkies and some news on the Gulf Oil Disaster, and Even Fire and how it relates to the Fourth of July. This week we'll continue in that vein by focusing on Earth, Forest and some sustainable practices in their use. I would also like to introduce a new song by SJ Tucker in recognition of the release of her new CD Mischief. Legends abound of "the people within the Earth" whether it be the Sidhe of the Hollow Hills, or the Ant people, described in some indigenous American legends as the Progenitors of the Human Race. We'll dedicate some songs t o these legends. Also within the Element of Earth are the legends of the great Tree of Life, it is easy to step closer to understanding these legends if you've ever walked within the Old Growth Forests of the Northwest, or any other places in the world were the old Trees still stand, and we'll even try touch on Sustainable Logging news. Gnomes, Whorls, and Woods on Wheel of Wonder!
The Picture to the right is from DeviantArt by a Berliner Artist named Engelszorn.

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