Thursday, September 30, 2010

Experiencing Alban Elfed Gorsedd and Eisteddfod

Last Sunday I attended a Bardic Gorsedd and Eisteddfod. A Gorsedd is a gathering of Bards, and an Eisteddfod is their sharing of poetry, stories, and song. This Eisteddfod celebrated the turning of the Celtic wheel into the time of Autumn (Alban Elfed, as you may remember from last week's show).
It was a fine Autumn day along the shores of Lake Union in Seattle. The sun broke free of the Northwest clouds that sometimes hang like a silver canopy over the length of the region, its golden beams lit up the sacred space, never too hot as the Autumn breeze kept stirring the robes and clothes of all who were present.
I shared a few poems at Eisteddfod, one which I've composed music to, and received the incredible honor of being granted the Rowan Tree Tork for sharing some of the creative expression the season of Mabon inspires in me. I was humbled and amazed as the High Priestess set the Tork about my shoulders. It was wonderful to be recognized by a group of Bards and Druids I esteem so highly!

The picture to the right is the Rowan Tree Tork I hold in my possession. The talented metalsmith that created it can be found in Seattle's Pike Place Market and goes by the name of "Tink."
Autumn blessings to all!

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