Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wheel of Wonder December 5, 2010

Last week on wheel of Wonder we explored the concept of place spirits, especially in the sense of that experience many of us have had of being "watched" in the Forest and having a favorite tree we like to sit by. Well, from the place Spirit perspective Trees have their favorite Humans too!
I also put forth the idea that perhaps there is wisdom in accepting the possibility of place spirits for perhaps there is some truth in the idea that if people everywhere started seeing the earth as a place of sacred Spirits, we as a whole Human Race may see ourselves living in a world of greater social and environmental justice. I also shared a story of Merlin "the Prophet" by RJ Stewart from the book Celtic Bards, Celtic Druids by RJ Stewart and Robin Williamson (1996 Blandford, UK). I post this now to give opportunity to comment for those who may have tuned in to the show Sunday. Thank you for listening to Wheel of Wonder!
The beautiful picture to the right is: A Magic Photo – River Spirits
Do you see the spirit face….and the white bird….? RiverRest magic….and Rainbow Heart Healing Arts….sharing the magic with you! From Debra Rainbow Heart, healing Shaman.

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