Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wheel of Wonder December 26, 2010

This week's Wheel of Wonder will be a Healing Journey. After what some people may find a very stressful "Christmas" week, wouldn't it be nice to talk of Healing?
The Holistic healing movement: seeking to heal Humanity through energy use and the achieving of Balance between the Mind, Body and Spirit is a wonderful movement for the greater good of Humanity. There are in this world, practitioners of Crystal Healing, Reiki (energy) Healing, and Healing through sound. I'll try to cover all of these approaches to healing Cohesively, this week on Wheel of Wonder. There will still be lots of great music , and we'll try again this week to speak to Bard and Healer Jane Valencia. Tune in for a message of hope and possibility, this week on Wheel of Wonder!

I love this picture of the Healing Hands, but I've not yet found the artist who created it. Help me if you can.

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