Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wheel of Wonder June 5 - June 19, 2011

Time to get caught up on the Blog Again! For starters; Happy Litha! Merry Alban Hefin! This week's Wheel of Wonder is the episode closest to The Summer Solstice, so thats what this Wheel of Wonder will be about. Solstice is known by many names Vestalia, St. John's Day, Whitsuntide, and even Sun Blessing. Cold as this Summer's been most of the time in the Great Northwest so far, we sure would like to be blessed by the sun, with the occasional Rain, to keep things clean and smelling nice. The two aspects of this Sabbat I'll be focusing on both recognize the joy of celebrating the warmer days of Summer, and the strength of the Masculine Polarity of Nature"The Sun God"if you will, and bringing this sense of being part of the active outdoors into your being, to bring out your internal flame (passion, desire, creativity) and live fully in synchronicity with nature in this phase of the year. I hope our music and information this week will help you to feel this and consider this dynamic perspective so your Summer will be more fulfilling and worthwhile! This week we'll have new Music from Heather Dale too!
Time notice: Wheel of Wonder is running this week from 8am to 10am Pacific Standard(Seattle, WA. USA) time.
Heather Dale, Wendy Rule, and SJ Tucker all three put on a wonderful concert in this area last week, Heather Dale strikes me much like a traditional Celtic Bard, her music does reflect this. Sj Tucker was as wonderful as ever, and if you had the opportunity to tune in last week I hope you to heard the Interview with Wendy Rule, a woman who has a sense of Spiritual Existence as deep and rich as the voice she brings to her songs! These artists are all performing at the Faerieworlds Festival in Mt Pisgah, OR. USA this weekend.
And of course, on the weekend of the 5th, we explored the importance of Place Spirits and this belief system's incredible ability to connect people deeply and respectfully with the land they live, walk, and travel through life with. We even covered some of the importance of Genus Loci, especially as relates to the Bards of the British Druid Order within the Seattle Area, how "Pugetia and Pugetius (the Genus Loci; or place spirits)" relate to their philosophy in relationship to this region. Many fine subject matters on Wheel of Wonder, I hope you'll travel the stream or the radio waves to join us, and even expand your awareness through the many links to Music and Information you find on this site!
The picture of Stonehenge above is from I do not know the credibility of this site, but there is a lot of information there.


  1. Hey Ray. Was traveling on I5 today and was scanning the radio band and found your show today. I was wondering if you have the play list for today. There are a couple of songs around 8:20am that I was interested in. Btw I loved the show!

  2. Thanks for the comment Michael...and....voila!

    June 19 2011 playlist for Wheel of Wonder

    Noon of the Solstice by Damh the Bard
    Birch Wandering by Louisa John Krol
    Cherry Tree Carol Al Petteway Amy White
    Quietly Raging by Telling the Bees
    The Greenwood Grove by Damh the Bard
    Oberon by Heather Dale
    Brighid's Flame by Kellianna
    Maiden, Mother, Crone by Kellianna
    Woman of the Earth by Spiral Dance
    In the name of the Dance SJ Tucker
    Solstice Call by Gaia Consort
    Frey and Freya by Sharon Knight
    The Hills they are Hollow Damh the Bard
    Greenwoodside by Vince Conaway
    Pan by Spiral Dance
    Sunrise by Thunderbeat
    Isis Unvieled by Damh the Bard
    Osiris Lives by Sharon Knight
    Maya Soliel by Maya Soliel
    Life's Flame Alexander James Adams
    Firebird's Child by SJ Tucker

  3. Thanks for the reply! I found what I was looking for.