Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wheel of Wonder May 3, 2015

Happy Beltane!  Beltane is usually recognized as falling on May 1st, just as MayDay.
May Day is the workers holiday to commemorate how far  Labor unions and Organized workers have brought us, away from the inhumane treatment they received from wealthy business (Factory and Mine) owners in the past.  Unfortunately not every group of workers can Unionize, so some are still mistreated, even in the USA in its "Right to Work" states.  "Right to Work" status is just political talk for "We make it harder for you to unionize, so we can underpay you and give you no benefits or retirement!" Strange thing about economies the only real product economies have are that which is physical, which can be held, and the pool of laborers that have created through their efforts.  "Currency" is at its core, just a symbol of wealth, backed by governments accepting it as such.  Capitalism  of course, will often have a tendency to prioritize these data records, and colorful papers called currency over actual Human rights!  Hooray for May Day, to keep this fresh in our minds!
Beltane however, is a celebration of the return of sunshine and springtime, and the birth of flowers, the budding trees, and the singing birds that remind us what it is to be truly alive.  The very land itself shares with us a symphony of fresh scents and birdsong to enjoy in our dance of life.  Mythically speaking Beltane is also the time when the May Queen returns and engages the Forest King in the Great Rite (SEX people, love-making) to ensure the health of the land , and to reinforce, through the May Queens and Forest Kings inside us, why life is so enjoyable! IT is also a good time for divination, they say the spirit world is closer at hand, and for finding the Feminine and Masculine aspects in all of us, these principles of Intuition and Action and bring them into closer union in order to complete our great work on this world.  Again, Happy Beltane!
Sadly, we couldn't hook up with Malachi, our scheduled guest, today, but hopefully he will join us with his poetic work in the near future.

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