Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wheel of Wonder April 26, 2015

For Alchemists, there are many different ways of acquiring and exercising their knowledge.  According to a modern Alchemist who joined me today on Wheel of Wonder, at its core, it is a symbolic language, shown through statuary designs, corporate logos (all variations on the cube) palmistry and its relation to Astrology and the planets and constellations it interprets/represents.  Aubrey, The Alchemist I spoke to, also relates Alchemical knowledge less to changing a base metal like Lead into Gold, like some sort of primitive chemistry, and more to learning through the language of symbols, quantum theory, and achieving greater knowledge about oneself into an evolution of the spirit, to a point like that of the ascensionist paradigm.  I've posted about the idea of ascension elsewhere on this blog, and Christopher Penczak is a well known writer on this subject you can link to from the margin.  IT was an interesting idea though, that some approaches to Alchemy have nothing to do with physically turning a base element to gold at all.  Instead the focus is on self-achievment  from a lesser, unrealized self, to a spiritually awakened one!  I'll post the second half of my interview with Aubrey on this site soon.  KAOS is also on Free Radio America now, so you can catch up on today's episode there.  What music did I play?  Check look up KAOS and today's date, and you can learn that too!  To check out Aubrey's ideas check out this YouTube link, or look up You Tube's "The Modern Alchemist Channel."

The Picture above is from a website called Alchemy Lab Art

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