Sunday, September 13, 2015

Wheel of Wonder September 13, 2015

As the Summer begins its annual spin into the beauty of Autumn, I find myself back in the familiar fields, hills and forests of home, excited for another turn around the sun on Wheel of Wonder. Autumn is finally beginning to roll in to the Northwest, the leaves are changing into their colorful autumn gowns ready to dance 'til they fall down as we celebrate the bounty of the season.
The vine maple already carry the festive blush of fall and the nights are cooler and longer.
I face the coming darkness as a crucible of change, not as a shroud of cold and shadow, but as a place to slow down, reflect upon the knowledge reaped in the courses of the passing year so I can proceed to build anew.
At the completion of our sharing information about climate change, I began to share the inward journey, so much a part of the darker half of the year exploring Celtic Shamanism.  John Matthews' book "Taliesin: The Last Celtic Shaman" (1991 aquarian press) and Robert Moss' book "Active Dreaming" are good reads to help understand these ideas.  I hope you caught some of them on Wheel of Wonder.
As we go forward into the coming year, I hope to bring you the perspectives of modern, practicing pagans covering everything from earth spirituality and its place in this world, to native american belief systems, and even pagan prison based ministry through up and coming guests on Wheel of Wonder.  I also have 2-3 more musicians/groups ready to join us on the show to share their music and viewpoints and all because of people starting and renewing memberships with this not for profit radio station that let's me bring them to you:
Wheel of Wonder is intended to be place to share unique music and ideas, so I hope you catch it at, on "Radio Free America", or on your smart phone at "Sound Tap" or "Tune In" I love having access to the Internet and independent media.  I hope you do too, and will support its continuing to be available to seekers everywhere.
--Radio Ray

The images above are a picture of Cascade Pass by Ed Farell and an Illustration of/inspired by musician Autumn Rayne by Derek Emmons

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