Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wheel of Wonder September 20, 2015

Today we celebrated the coming of the autumnal equinox on Wheel of Wonder!  Mabon, Alban Elfed, Mea'n Fo'mhair, Autumn Equinox, depending on your beliefs and traditions is the time of the second harvest, and the celebration of the physical "food" harvest as well the harvest ing time for what you've learned , and how to use it.  The Autumn mist seems to lend itself easily to bringing one into that reflective, inward space, where we think about what we've experienced in the course of this year.  Of course the Autumn vistas painted upon our eyes by the deciduous trees and their brilliant leaves also play their part in coloring the world , so at least we can have a moment to take in the beauty of this earth, that too is a harvest in and of itself.  Mabon is the name of the lost child of the old goddess Modron, recovered from the underworld by King Arthur and his men in the mythic Welsh poem Preiddeu Annwn, a story of a shamanic journey, often attached to the story the  Culhwch and Olwen.  MAbon represents the return from the inner space of the soul or shamanic journey with wisdom and grace to become a better person in the world.  It is in that pursuit of wisdom that we see "Seven and Arthur " return from the underworld with.  A harvest of Wisdom.  Today we also had a guest on Wheel of Wonder;  Stefanie, a practicing Druid from the OBOD group of Seattle, WA. and she would be someone I've met in the course of the past year, a woman of wisdom, I was glad to have on the show at this time of harvest.  Moving along the course of the Wheel of the Year, brings us to a place of slowing down, and thinking, after we consider what wisdom we've harvested over the past year, and what "seeds we've planted"  in the lives of ourselves and others that did not come to fruition, as well as those that have...we truly reap what we sow in this life.  Shall we approach things differently in the coming year?  During this time of moving our lives indoors when necessary, and celebrating the holidays with friends and family, we have plenty of time to think about what we can do and what we have done with this brief part of our incarnation in this world.......HAPPY HARVEST!  Enjoy the journey

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