Sunday, December 13, 2015

Wheel of Wonder December 13, 2015

Today is a triple day of festivities!  December 13 is Santa Lucia day, popular in Sweden. If you ever wondered about the images you've seen of a young woman in white, or red and white with an evergreen wreath, crowned with burning candles on her head?  She's representing Santa Lucia.  The story of Santa Lucia is believed by some to be a christianized version of the story of Lucina, the sun goddess.  Thalia Took writes: “Lucina is a Roman Goddess of Light, a Moon-Goddess who is especially a Birth-Goddess, for when a baby is born it is brought into the light of the world for the first time.  According to the  blog Journeying to the Goddess:  “Lucina themes are banishing, kindness, charity, health and protection. Her symbols are candles (light sources).  Lucina means light."
Today is also the beginning of the runic half-month Jera.  The Futharc/Norse Rune Jera is a rune that represents the cycle of life. With this rune we see that we must go with the flow of nature to obtain the goals we want.(info found on this blog)
Also today is a day to pay homage to Demeter:  Here is a prayer you can prelude your meal with by Dorothy Morrison to reflect that:
Great Goddess of the plants and Earth
Who tends the crops that fill its girth
We ask your blessing on this meal
and honor you with the turning of the wheel

The picture above Credit:  Cristian Bait/The Image Bank/Getty Images/Demeter

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