Sunday, December 27, 2015

Wheel of Wonder December 27, 2015

The Winter Solstice has passed, and pleasantly, on the evening of the solstice I had the honor to co-facilitate a Solstice ritual at the local Unitarian Universalist Church.  60 people showed up!  Its wonderful to now there are actually that many seekers wishing to learn and celebrate the old ways of Yule, the pre-christian holiday.  I'm glad my friend Amy and I could facilitate the experience for them.

Today was also Freya's birthday according to a seasonal observance book I found.  Freya: Norse Goddess of Love.

In the interest of stories at gatherings around the fire inside or out of the winter cold I was also thinking about the winter morris singers and dancers of England.  Much like Wassailing, these singers will go door to door sharing their songs and plays in the hopes of some drink or food in exchange for their christmas cheer.  It is said that if the Wassailing goes badly at a house they will sing intentionally off-key Christmas Carols in reaction to the situation.
One of the favorite plays of the midwinter morris revelers is the story of St. Michael and the Dragon done in fun and spoof by actors dressed as folkloric figures.  In the story St. Michael (the sun god figure)  will slay the Dragon (embodiment of winter), or in the process, St. Michael will be slain, only to be raised from the dead once again by the Faerie Doctor or other magics.  Much like the folkloric sun god/green man figure.
Winter blessings to all!

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