Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Faerieworlds Experience

I must have been travelling with the blessings of the fay to the fairyworlds event. I don't think it could have gone any better! The weather was Hot in Oregon this weekend, I call this a blessing of the Fire spirits. Do to the heat, myself and the musicians I spoke with were feeling just fine about sitting and talking. I was able to sit and eat a breakfast of Sue Tinney's wonderful blueberry pancakes with Gaia Consort (sorry...Bone Poets Orchestra), I was given the opportunity to take a mid afternoon hydration break with SJ Tucker (of skinny white chick and tricky pixie fame), and she is a lovely person. I was blessed to wander across three "secret concerts" given in quiet acoustic corners of the event, with The Wicker Men (I understand they are thinking of putting out a faerieworlds compilation cd), Kelly and Emilio Miller-Lopez; The heart of Woodland ( this also allowed the occasion to loan my Harp to Kelly for her to play). The third was with Alexander James Adams, of Tricky Pixie (who also was willing to help me on my side project of translating Damh's guitar chords into chord progressions for the Celtic harp, so I can bring more music to Campfire gatherings). And let us not forget Lisa Lynne, a fine Celtic Harper, with her own solo career, who kindly, and modestly, offered harp workshops, and her own secret concerts at the Fairy Harp Circle.
In the 90+ degrees Fahrenheit weather I was fortunate to find a flat shady spot under an old Elm tree, just big enough to pitch my tent. I filled up the gas tank before I left home, and didn't even have to fill it up again before getting back where I started. I even came back from the trip with more music to bring to you on wheel of wonder and add to the KAOS music Library.
I especially enjoyed my time talking with Oliver (the lead male vocalist), and the other members of Faun. What very fine people they are! I was also introduced to the music of Vixy and Tony (indy artists from Seattle!) and will be sure to share some of their music with you on Wheel of Wonder. They should fit well into other KAOS programs as well. The whimsical, playful and happy (viciously happy, on Bad Faeries Night) energy always attributed to the Fay was definitely present at this event. The Dragonflies and Flying Grasshoppers (or were they...?) were ever present to remind us of Travelers to the Dreamtime, the chirp and flutter of tiny fairy voices and the tinkle of fairy bells. I've come back from the experience feeling no small amount of Glamour and creativity! Through the next few Wheel of Wonder broadcasts, I'll endeavor to share it with you.
The picture above is one of the beautiful creations of Musician and Artist Priscilla Hernandez who also creates beautiful, mythic music, I will include in future Wheel of Wonder shows.

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