Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wheel of Wonder August 30 2009

This week on Wheel of Wonder I'll present another installation of the ongoing series Bardic Byways. I'll share new music with you by Vixy and Tony and SJ Tucker, as we move deeper into the place of the Bard in Modern America. Bards are mythmakers and storytellers, and their are many ways in which their talents can create a huge impact on modern america. The American Folk movement is a fine example of this, so I'll also introduce classic music by Holly Near (not necessarily a pagan, but indeed a bard) and some unique tracks from the historical vaults of Gaia Consort. The modern Bard I'll be running the interview of this week is SJ Tucker, the original Skinny White Chick, please tune in to Wheel of Wonder Bardic Byways.
The picture to the right was sent to me by a friend, I don't know the artist, but the Bard reminds me of Jane Valencia. (ever dyed your hair blonde Jane?)


  1. A nice show as always! I am enjoying it!

  2. Thanks! Isn't SJ Tucker a neat Person? What do you think about "The American Bard" experience?