Friday, August 7, 2009

Wheel of Wonder August 9 2009

Faeries, a Universal symbol of Whimsy, Playfulness, and awe. Some will say they have seen them, some will say they are merely a scent, a feeling, or perhaps a passing thought . The silver dust of a fading dream. Others will say they are all in the spirits of you and me. Whichever way you experience the fay, they represent magic, and ancient knowledge beyond the limits of Mortal time. These images tap into the universal web of feeling and awe, that place that shares its existence with music and stories. This is how we''ll be experiencing faerie this week on Wheel of Wonder. There will be much new music from SJ Tucker and Tricky Pixie, Sharon Knight, Faun, and it will be my great pleasure to introduce you to the music of Vixy and Tony and the work of T. Thorne Coyle . We will also hear an interview with Woodland singer, Faerieworlds co-organizer, and soloist Kelly Miller-Lopez. Find your Fairy Frequency this week for Wheel of Wonder!

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