Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wheel of Wonder November 1, 2009

November first, First day of the new Celtic Year. Dios de los Muertes, Day of the Dead, and all Soul's Day. Last week on Wheel of Wonder we took a short trip to Scotland, speaking of some of the Scottish Myths and Legends, and of the Taibhsear; the bardic Shamans of the Isles. This Week on Wheel of Wonder as if I were the Taibhsear with the witch's stone (my Halloween Costume if you will) I'll be speaking of the dead , and some of the traditions of respecting and communicating with the dead observed throughout time especially during this time of the year, when the Vail is considered very thin between this world and the other...

I'll share with you a musical vision of the death of the great Irish Hero Chu Chulain with and new music from Jeff and Mychael Danna. We will definitely be running a short Interview with Louisa John Krol. We may even have the time for the "True Ghost Stories of Ireland." Wake up from your Halloween revels and Samhain experiences with your Taibhsear for today on Wheel of Wonder.

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  1. Thank you for interviewing so many of us at Faerieworlds. (Never have I seen such a faerie flock: 15,000 people, all in costume!) Working with Woodland, Imaginosis and the Frouds was an exceptional experience that has illuminated my life back home in Australia. Thanks also for your continuing communication. You're an artistic and spiritual inspiration to more people than have commented openly here on your wonderful site. Let's hope more do soon! And though our seasons are opposite across the hemispheres, my goodwill flies from our buds to your dreams of slumbering snow. Fey blessings,
    Louisa John-Krol