Friday, October 16, 2009

Wheel of Wonder October 18th, 2009

Greetings to all

KAOS 89.3 FM started its fall membership drive today. The Wheel of Wonder episode that's running for the Membership drive will be this Sunday; October 18th! For all af those Maidens, Mothers,Green Men, Sages, and even Crones who love to Dance around the Bonfire, you'll like this show; it is all about the Celt-Pagan dancing music!
If you like having a Pagan show Broadcast from Olympia, or you just like there being a Community Radio Station that allows one on the Airwaves; Call between 6am and 9am Sunday and join KAOS as a member!
When I first suggested the Idea of Wheel of Wonder to KAOS management they said: "We don't know if there are very many listeners interested in a Pagan Radio Show, but after talking about it for a long time, we decided to give it a chance..." And on May 5th 2009 the first weekly broadcast of Wheel of Wonder hit the airwaves.
Let's show the folks at this great Public radio station that there are a lot of listeners who do want to hear from the marginalized, Pagan point of view, and what this perspective brings to us, that helps us move into better relationship with each other and our place in the Natural world. Write a Letter, start your Membership (KAOS is a nonprofit operation, it runs on membership dollars). Call and let the people at the station know how you feel about Wheel of Wonder! I hope I'll get to talk to some of you Sunday morning; I'll be at (360)867-KAOS (local Olympia, WA USA). For any more information you need; look at
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