Friday, September 10, 2010

Wheel of Wonder September 12, 2010

This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll have another Bardic Byways episode. Our guest Mistress of Minstrilsy will be Wiccan, Neo-pagan Poet: Castalia, from Ontario Canada! We've heard her music many times on Wheel of Wonder, so its especially exciting for me to host a Live Interview with the Woman from north 8am this Sunday. We'll talk about the Celtic Wheel of the year, Traditional and Solitary wiccan paths, modern myths and legends and even spend some time discussing the modern Fables of what "is" we all live with at this time. Join myself and Castalia this week on Wheel of Wonder!
The picture to the right is from the photobucket album of someone named dstorms. You would have to ask them who the original artist was, I didn't see them credited there. dstorm didn't credit Waterhouse for his pictures on that site either. If you learn who the original artist was please post here and let me know. Otherwise , admire dstorm's taste in art.

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