Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wheel of Wonder September 5, 2010

I can't believe its almost another Mabon already! We've now made it through (or almost all the way through) a second summer on Wheel of Wonder, and although the weather is still warm here in the Northwest US, sometimes one can feel that subtle change of energy, slight cold , or see the stray (early) painted leaf riding on the breeze. Harbingers of the change of seasons.
This week on Wheel of Wonder one of KAOS' wise women of world music; Anch (she's actually more mother than crone, but still very wise) has gracefully agreed to pilot you through the journey. I'll be covering the Friday Morning Breakfast Special. Tune in to hear me there, if you like. Its a different format, but still great fun.
The "Autumn - is- coming -Wanderlust" is taking me out of town this weekend, but I'll be back from the road next Sunday for Wheel of Wonder. Enjoy Anch's take on the music and enjoy your weekend!

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