Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wheel of Wonder January 15, 2011

This week on Wheel of Wonder Bridget returns to co-host! Together, in the Spirit of Balance, She and I will share the leadership of the Journey. I'll be speaking of Druids and the importance of the Sun as the basis for their ancient knowledge of the cycle of things. An approach often believed to be drawn from the expansive and Masculine energy of Spiritual duality. The Druids see the male embodiment of nature as both Light and Dark and have been known to teach their lessons in triads. Bridget will speak of the rites of the Moon and the triple goddess, a spiritual approach often considered drawn from the more feminine and intuitive aspects of Human Spirituality. It is often observed that Goddess teachings move forward in cyclical fashion. Bridget and I will both bring you Classic Music, Indy folk rock, New age ambient and even Rock and Roll. This week on Wheel of Wonder!
Happily, with the Sun and Moon image above, you too can see where it came from "GeoImages Clipart."

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