Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wheel of Wonder January 23, 2011

This week on Wheel of Wonder we'll explore the Neo-pagan Witch's solitary path. It seems that one of the main ways many Neo-pagans begin their Journey is as a Solitary practitioner, not part of , or involved with, any group or Coven, but on their own spiritual journey to wisdom and growth, according to their belief system. A witch's journey? What kind of a Journey is that? Tune in to Wheel of Wonder and I'll share some of the info I've uncovered with you. We'll speak of the rituals intent, as best as I can describe it, the Labyrinth and the rebirth to Wisdom, The Spiral Dance, a bit on Imbolc, Otherworld Journeys, and of course, the Mother Goddess belief, all with some help from Marian Green and her book: "A Witch Alone, thirteen Moons to Master Natural Magic" 1991, Aquarian Press.

I'll also share new music from Kellianna, in consideration of the interview we're planning next week for Imbolc. Please join in on the journey, this week on Wheel of Wonder!

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