Friday, January 28, 2011

Wheel of Wonder January 30, 2011

Welcome to the Imbolc installment of Wheel of Wonder! This week I'l of course be speaking of Imbolc; the first festival of the returning light. Not only light like the light of the returning Sun King, but also Brigit's light. The Sacred flame of Bridgit, fire of wisdom, creativity and inspiration. The 10th century Cormac’s Glossary describes Bridgit as the daughter of the Daghda, the “Great God” of the Tuatha de Danaan. He calls her a “woman of wisdom…a goddess whom poets adored, because her protection was very great and very famous." Since the discipline of poetry, filidhect, was interwoven with seership, Brigid was seen as the great inspiration behind divination and prophecy, the source of oracles. (source: "Chalice Centre for Celtic and western magical traditions" Mara Freeman;

Additionaly, this week we'll have a live, pre-recorded interview with Kellianna Chanter, singer, and priestess. She'll talk about ancient stories and the modern Pagan Path, as well as share some explanation of her take on Imbolc and the meaning behind some of her songs.

Also, in relation to the celebration of light I'll try to fit in a bit of information on a new and interesting belief system in the craft of Spirit growth the Lightworkers movement. I hope you find the time to tune in this week for Wheel of Wonder!
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