Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wheel of Wonder February 27, 2011

A Bard I once met would tell me "if a story's worth telling, its worth telling more than once!" and isn't that at the heart of the oral tradition anyway? I say, if its new music that fits into the Wheel of Wonder radio show's genre, it should be played there. So it is this week on Wheel of Wonder. Once again, like the virtual Troubadour, I've ventured out, sought the songs, and brought them back to share with all ye listeners. Songs inspired by the Mythic Cycles of Ireland. Together, this week by the LCD lights of your chosen radio or Internet device we'll visit through word and song Mythic Ireland and the Evils of Balor, the Heroics of Lugh, the Tragedy of the Children of Lir, and the sorrowful life of the beautiful Diedre. We'll be reminded of the miraculous birth of ChuChulain, and the transition of time between the Milesians and the Fianna. We will also hear of Finn McCool and of the son of he and Sadbh; Oisin.
Perhaps with some history from The Book of Conquests and certainly new music Classical, Celtic and even edgy Metal from Robert Lamb, Anuna, and Cruachan (watch for new Artist Links to appear soon in the list on this blog). So feel free to build a fire in your fireplace, picture yourself around a campfire and think of the radio waves as smoke carrying the medium of knowledge when you tune in today to Wheel of Wonder.
The Painting to the right is called "Ossian awakening the spirits on the banks of the Lora with the sound of his Harp"painted in 1801 by French Romanticist Francois Gerard. The character Ossian is a Scottish variation of Oisin, son of Finn McCool. There is some discussion as to whether Ossian is based in History or Scottish imagination. Either way, I like this work of Classic Art.

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