Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wheel of Wonder February 13, 2010

So what are the Pagan origins of St. Valentine's Day anyway? Could this be a holiday that is completely and totally Catholic in origin? Not like Yule/ Christmas, Ostara/Easter, Samhain/All Saint's Day? Not a chance! According to historians, the myth in Valentine's Day is very likely that there never was a Valentine marrying people covertly when it was illegal to be Christian at all. The pagan origins of the holiday are found in ancient Rome in a festival called Lupercalia. We'll speak a bit about that this week on Wheel of Wonder, as well as, sharing songs of love, and perhaps passion.
We'll even hear new music from Celia, who will be in concert Sunday night in Olympia (see entry below). Celia may even make a guest "appearence" on Cottleston Pie between 3 and 5pm on KAOS to share with you an Irish Tale, or one of the stories she shares in her children's shows. Please join me on a journey through history and passion, this week on Wheel of Wonder.
The picture to the right is of pink bleedingheart flowers from my garden

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