Saturday, April 30, 2011


The ancient woods carry a silence
A hush that feels sacred
The wind will brush the branches, needles, and leaves
Whispering the wonders of Spirit
While the Birds communicate through their songs
A sacred ancient chorus
Sacred Silence isn't always unheard
It's the sound of the Earth and her place in the Universe
Reminding we Humans we are part of the all
Yes, I understand the language of birds
It's not of normal Human talk
As ancient Eddas may seek to claim
The birds are too far removed from Human expression
It is the Humans who must interpret the birds
We are the ones who listen to the wind
The wind that brushes the branches, needles, and leaves
Carries the birds and their sacred chorus
from tree to tree to tree
This is how they honor them
The Trees in return, offer the birds their protection
They tell them "Welcome home."
" With our wisdom and our strength, we will protect you"
The sacred silence of the Forest
Broken, yet completed, by the heavenly chorus of birds
Would that Humans should listen to the Trees
How honest it seems to have lovingly tended the forests
for Holy millennium, as many have done
How disconnected it seems for some to despoil them
for a short greedy era, beneficial to few
I think this as I walk through ancient silence
In the hush that feels sacred
On a journey for the soul

Written by Ray
Beltane Eve, 2011


  1. Well said, thank you for sharing your walk with us.

  2. Thank you PeggySue. The Bards of Caer Pugetia have decided to publish this poem in their latest issue of "The Sound"