Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wheel of Wonder April 24 to Beltane, 2011

Happy Beltane! Another multiple week blog, as home PCs can be quite expensive. Its great to be blogging again on this Beltane Eve! This is the second annual Beltane show on Wheel of Wonder. Wheel of Wonder landed in its first weekly timeslot on KAOS shortly after Beltane 2009. That particular episode was not a Beltane show though. It has been my pleasure to bring you many broadcasts since then. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you can still here Wheel of Wonder streaming online at just adjust your listening time to whatever time occurs at the same moment that is 6am Sunday Morning Pacific Northwest (Seattle) time. Here's a helpful site for that: world clock meeting planner.
Beltane is a time for celebrations and new awakenings! It is the time of the great dance of life between the God and the Goddess; the male and female polarity within us all. The inimitable time of the year when one can feel Nature's energy of spring, most intensely.
We began speaking of new awakenings last week through the story of the character Ayve. Ayve is an individual who walks toward us out of fables untold, he was a person who felt an acute compassion, or love of nature, but lived on a planet where people blinded by greed misused his mother planets natural resources, and he hunted down these perpetrators with the intention of bringing them to justice. Well, Ayve lives on a planet where magic is afoot and it was after a time of learning from the realm of spirit that he met other who sought to protect nature too. He then soon learned that he was part of the whole and that more people sought to protect his world than those who sought to exploit it, it was after learning this that he truly gained great wisdom and worked with this majority to begin to change his world and every person on that planet's relationship to her. Ayve lives on and his story isn't finished yet, but it began with a personal awakening. New awakenings can be part of the experience of Beltane!
There are also many myths, legends, and Archetypes related to May day within the Earth Spiritualist perspective and with some help from the works of John Matthews, Michelle Skye and perhaps Robin Williamson, I will endeavor to share some of them with you this week, on Wheel of Wonder!

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