Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wheel of Wonder April 10, 2011

This week on Wheel of Wonder is the week for the Spring Membership drive for KAOS independent , publicly accessible Radio. It appears the federal(US) funding for such stations as these is being pulled, so its very important that people who like and listen to independent voices like the ones I bring to the airwaves call during the pledge breaks this week or go online to to offer financial support to this not for profit radio station.
If you call or contact KAOS during Wheel of Wonder (ph# 360 867 KAOS, or if you prefer: 360-867-5267) 8am-9am Pacific Standard Time USA to pledge, the management of the radio station will know that there are pagans and progressive expansive thinkers out there who enjoy hearing the music and philosophies of the modern earth spiritualists, Bards and Musicians like we play and share on Wheel of Wonder. So please connect and support at whatever level you can, even if its just a good comment about the show. That's how we build community!
I know, I know, sounds like a commercial, but it isn't. Membership support is what a small not for profit community radio station runs on in the USA. No Corporate salaries or commercial time for sale here.
This week I'll be here working on sharing information on the artists I play and their spiritual paths, as I understand them, not only is that interesting, but if their songs inspire you, or speak the truth to your heart/head you might be one step closer to understanding your spiritual truth, you may know what to investigate on your own, and their may very well be a link to it right here in the sidebar! Other times one just has to know what one would be losing to appreciate it better. I can't podcast, I might be the only one or one of very few people in the world running a Pagan information and music show on the FM frequency! Hope to keep it running too. Thanks for tuning into Wheel of Wonder throughout the past few years, I hope to hear from you this week. Bright Blessings!
The picture of The Green Man is a CG by Pete O' Malley. Check it out , and his other art to here

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