Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wheel of Wonder December 11, 2011

This week we had a Lunar eclipse upon the Full Moon. The night began clear, white frost covered the rooftops glowing in a sparkling blue hue underneath the pale moonlight. Enchanting. Then a misty presence began to form in the night sky, it became cloudy. as the Lunar eclipse began, it looked as though the moon was ducking behind her ethereal vail, so far away in fact she seemed to disappear from sight. Then the misty clouds would move and there she drifted, one more portion of her surface hidden behind the penumbral shadow. I lay awake watching the shadow dance, feeling that energy and wondering..."Am I know present in a time when it would be good to work with one's shadowself?"

The penumbral eclipse, for those who follow the craft of Moon Magic is considered a strong time for craftwork. It is seen by some as a time when the sun and the moon are in perfect union. Some choose this time to work with the dark goddess, while others choose to work with the Sidhe, the Shining ones and Fairy Magic. As one watches the lunar eclipse through the lens of envisioning the threefold Goddess, one sees her go through all three of her phases from rebirth through renewal, to finally, feminine strength. Joining with the shadow of the masculine as the sun plays its part.

This week on Wheel of Wonder, we'll journey through the theme of Moon Music and the story of Pan and Artemis, ending in the ritual of the full moonlight dance. All this through independent music and sourcework of pagan writers, craftworkers, commentators on line, and in print. Enjoy the soundscape, this week on Wheel of Wonder!

The picture to the right is from Starry

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