Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wheel of Wonder Twelfth Night Post

Welcome to Wheel of Wonder midwinter blog. I write this in the middle of the Twelfth Night Celebrations. The original "12 days of Christmas" fall between the Winter Solstice and the beginning of the Roman New Year (about December 21 - January 1). Its the time of the Saturnalia, Alban Artuan, The Festivals of Lights, and Yule! Last week I shared the silversongs of solstice, and the response was great. Nearly 1/2 dozen phone calls (unusual for an early Sunday Morning). I had occasion to share information on observances of the Solstice and neo-pagan public rituals of the modern age! It also was an occasion for Poetry, inspired by the season.

as Math, son of Mathonwy
would hear it on the wind
so do I...

The snowy whoosh of winter
skis shooshing down their tracks
Thrilling the wind as they ride
smoothly down curvaceous hillsides

The Hare has turned ivory white
The pale Lynx follows
pounces fast
Icy, wintry jaws of death
clamp down

like the crusty snow, surrounding limbs
of the sacred, naked, oaken tree
a haze of frost paints needley fingers
of the silver-blue, and dark green trees

The fir tree has its winter coat too
and bobbles, bangles, and ribbons as well
dressed for its wake
after its final, deadly fall
And yes they celebrate that too

all this, I hear
I hear it on the wind

written by Ray, solstice 2011

I hope you enjoy the blog, and Wheel of Wonder. Now going into its third year!
The picture to the right was found on a great blog: celtic

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