Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Aradia on Wheel of Wonder April 12th, 2015

New to me, the Electronic band out of Seattle ARADIA will be guests on Wheel of Wonder April 12th, one week before the KAOS membership drive.  Its Aradia's first performance in Olympia, and although its pre-recorded it will still be great.  This starts this season's schedule of Guests on Wheel of Wonder, there are still more to come, people practicing their craft locally, published Authors, Musicians and Leaders well known in the modern pagan community!
All this happens because of membership support for not for profit, independent media like KAOS.  Please think about that when it comes to the membership drive Wheel of Wonder and KAOS will need your help!
Check Out Aradia (and of course I mean her music not just the lovely picture below)!

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