Saturday, March 7, 2015

Wheel of Wonder March 8, 2015

Water flows through all of our lives, life cannot exist without it.  Proof Positive that privatising of water is very ill-advised!  Here in the Northwest of North America, especially, water connects us all, whether through rainfall for our long growing season, or through hydropower bringing us electricity through the dams (some of which, in recent years have thankfully been removed, while more wind turbines get built), or unfortunately, carrying the oil tankers through the Salish Sea (called Puget Sound by colonial minded people).  For the first people of the area, water carries the Salmon a great deal of their indigenous culture and educational stories are built on!  Water needs our help, so we can celebrate diverse cultures, avoid pollution and those "dead zones", where no fish live anymore, or just to fend off the spectre of drought.  this week on Wheel of Wonder we'll share stories about water, written by Druid naturalists, and good news about water conservation, from people who have worked hard to protect it. We'll also briefly celebrate the full moon of March.  Remember to set your clocks ahead if you live in the area!  Perhaps then you'll join me in the flow of music on Wheel of Wonder

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