Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wheel of Wonder March 22, 2015

Happy Ostara, Blessed Alban Eiler!  The Spring Equinox has arrived again, in the city of Seattle at the arboretum there seems to be miles and miles of blossoming trees, if your in the the area walk through the canopy , festooned with flowers. its so near the Oak Grove, you could even pay your respects to the budding Oaken King, if that's how the spirit inspires you.
Some notes about Alban Eiler, from the Black Mountain Druid Order of South Carolina, USA:
At Alban Eiler, the day and night are in perfect balance, and from this day forward to the autumnal equinox, the light shall continue to grow.  Alban Eiler is a time for balance and rest, before beginning a period of new growth.  It is a time to contemplate achieving balance within you.  Are your Mind, Body, Spirit, and emotion in balance (Sea, Land, Sky and Transformative fire in balance)?  What would that balance look like if it were already here?
I myself have noted, this year the equinox also includes a time of the new moon, and a solar eclipse, visible in some areas of the world.  If you use the new moon as a time to put in place an intention in your life, to come at least in part, if not fully into fruition by the time she is full, wouldn't the moon passing in front of the Sun and all the power attributed to it as a solar deity make that intention even stronger?  More likely to be fulfilled?
As you contemplate these questions, use the gathering energy of the coming brighter days to make changes within yourself that you would like to bring to fruition.  Its a time to set aside the slumber of winter.  Its a time to awaken from hibernation and to start to move, learn, and grow again.  It is also a time to celebrate your own personal growth in the past while looking forward to new growth in the future.
I hope the number of people who engage the message I try to share through wheel of wonder grows, as does my wisdom and ability to share it.  I also hope the raising of spiritual awareness through music, compassion, learning and intention also rises like the new son, transforming like fire,
the lives of we the children of this amazing Earth!
 The gorgeous picture above is off of tumbler and its origins trace back to a post by a Druid from the Order of Aspen.

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  1. Refreshing and inspiring post! I must find and download the photo. Thanks for sharing.