Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wheel of Wonder April 5, 2015

Often it seems, that in this Post-Modern world, that which can't be scientifically proven is often considered "untrue" or "delusional"strangely, even the post modernists viewpoint can't be proven as real, especially since the post-modernist viewpoint only believes in the concrete and hypocritically that nothing is definite, everything can be disagreed with or proven wrong.  This does not leave much room for spiritual experiences in the Human lifetime, but having a Spirit is something amazing that we have going for us, it gives some the strength to work through the hard times and evolve into a greater, or even more compassionate existence.
I would say that personal divine experience, as reflected by some of the writings of Christopher Penczak, and its near relation of working with archetypal energies, walking in recognizable form as expressed in the writing of Emma Rostel--Orr, could even fit into a post-modernist spirituality.  As would that feeling some neo-pagans get in ritual, that "cone of power" extending outward and upward from the sacred circle, or the inspiration that Druids attribute to "The Awen." Human spirituality also helps us reach a common ground in our belief systems, that help us to work together better as a species, even, an evolving species. Otherwise, in a post modern world of only concrete experience, our understanding of our place in the universe, our connection with the spirit of all living, seems alienated from us, and sometimes hope for improvement can die with it, and the feeling that we're in all of this alone can lead to depression and loneliness.  How do you see/keep spirituality alive in this post modern world?  We'll explore this a bit this week on Wheel of Wonder, and I hope it will inspire you to seek important answers in your lives as well, a spiritual human is an awakened traveler, on an amazing journey!

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