Friday, September 4, 2009

Wheel of Wonder September 6 2009

This week on Wheel of Wonder we will explore the Sacred Grove through music. Sacred Groves have existed in many places and cultures across the world, not only for the Druids, but for the Hindu, The Buddhist, Taoist, and the Native Americans. We'll speak about the Ogham Alphabet in more depth this week, and how it relates to the druids impressive mnemonics. We also talk about the OBAD Sacred Grove project, with information from the OBAD website (see it in links in the sidebar). This week will also feature new music from Sharon Knight and more Vixy and Tony! Tune in to Wheel of Wonder.
As an important "by the way" Jane Valencia and I have agreed upon a Podcast interview time. I'll be talking with Jane on her Forest Halls podcast 10 in the morning (Pacific Standard Time) Monday September 14th, 2009. We'll be discussing many different approaches to being a modern Bard, and why that is important. I'm looking forward to talking with Jane about this mutual interest of ours. Feel free to check that out!

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  1. Ray, thank you for honoring the Sacred Grove! It is a place I return to when I need to remember I am but a drop in a much greater Circle. Often it is only a vision of the first place I sat and had the awareness of being a part of it all. A nice gentle reminder I need to return to that place more often. As well as the peace I have when visiting often. As I said, thank you for bringing it to mind! Blessings!