Saturday, September 26, 2009

Equinox in the Woods

Relaxing in a cozy Yurt within a grove of old fir, I looked up towards the sky. I could see the stars through a window in the domed roof, framed by the shaggy tresses of the 200 year old fir trees. I drifted off to sleep accompanied by thoughts of flying outside among them. I woke in the morning to the pattering of rain outside sometimes falling soft, sometimes falling hard. I walked out into the fresh and Balsam air, surrounded by something very close to that familiar Autumn energy, as I listened to the roughly composed duet of the Ravens and the Crows accompany my morning. I had time enough to hike out and learn more about the volcano, before walking with a Druid I recently met to learn more about the Ogham trees. In that old Growth Forest around the area, we found thirteen of the twenty. Not long after that the rest of the camper's arrived and then the Kitchen Witch, who fed us all. Until everyone's presence disappeared by the time of hottest afternoon sun on Sunday-almost -Solstice, I stayed in a Pagan yurt village with bonfires, chanting and great camaraderie!
I played the Harp to calm the energy before we went to sleep Saturday night and played people up with the Sunrise on Sunday. These are the times that make one feel like a real Bard!
The weather was beautiful for the Sunday noon Ritual, and the energy was great! I even went out to my Car once on Sunday morning and heard myself on the Radio! Eventually we all had to leave, but a splinter contingent of us went to the Olympia Pagan Pride event, which was small this year ,under the new organizers, but they put it together in record time (started in August), and all the people there I spoke to (vendors included) were very optimistic it would be bigger and better next year! (Anyone care to manifest pagan musicians and a good, strong Drum circle for that?) All and all, it was a good Mabon.
The picture above is a photograph I caught of the Druid, Crone, and Maiden/Mother participants in the ritual.

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