Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wheel of Wonder September 13 2009

This week on Wheel of wonder we'll explore the Shaman's Journey, from the perspective of the conscious dream. What are some of the modern Shamanic Beliefs that these people, believed to be Healers, carry with them on their Shamanic Journeys? Many indigenous cultures throughout time have always felt the Dreaming world is just as real as the Waking, five senses world, we all live in. In some of the more spiritual traditions, it is considered more real. But how do dreams and "soul journeys" interrelate? By working on remembering our dreams, can we truly achieve insights that carry over into the knowledge set that have a real effect on how we live our lives? With some reference to the Insights of Robert Moss, author of Conscious Dreaming, and some new music by Louisa John Krol, and Gaia Consort we'll consider the spiritual meaning of travelling through dreams, the place where the conscience and unconscious meet.

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