Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Podcast Experience

Well, its been a time since I posted on my blog, it was a busy Mabon; no, it's been a busy Mayday to Mabon. Let's get the blog caught up. Jane Valencia and I finally had our Podcast conversation. We spoke about modern approaches to being a Bard, and why Bards are relevant in the modern world. She asked some very insightful questions, which I took as talking points, in the end it may be a long, but still interesting podcast. Jane believes she'll have it up by the end of the month on her website: Forest (podcast #2) Jane is such a smooth interviewer, that i have to say our conversation is the right word. We also had an opportunity to talk music, and chord progressions to go with some of my poems, so I might just have a My Space up in the future, and you can hear me perform the music I create. You'll never hear it on Wheel of Wonder (self promotion is not in the spirit of Community radio). I have to say, I'm glad to be doing this show on a radio station where I can also hear dj's talk about Jewish High Holy Days, and hear other dj's play Christian Gospel Music, and hear Native voices speaking about Native American Spirituality too. You can even hear Rastafarian Music now and again on KAOS. I do like Community Radio!

Damh the Bard is expecting to complete his new CD "Songs from the Crow Man" I believe it is soon. Hopefully we'll be hearing from him and new music from him on Wheel of Wonder by the end of the Celtic year (if your one of the people who considers Samhain to be the end of the year). Wendy Rule has also contacted me and said she'd send a CD package as well. Love how Wheel of Wonder keeps rolling!

Hope some of you catch the Podcast on and new, and longtime listeners keep tuned in to Wheel of Wonder!

---Radio Ray

the picture above and to the right is a slide of a statuette from 2700 BC

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